Residential Conveyancing- Sales

Our Fees

Our fees cover all of the work required to complete the sale of your home. Our fees vary from property to property so we can give you our most accurate and competitive quote once we have full details of your property. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss at any time where we can provide you with a full and accurate quote according to your circumstances.

Indicative Sale Costs

Below are three tables to enable you to calculate an indication of what your fees might be for the sale of your property. Use the scale from Table A to determine what our costs are, add costs from Table B if the property is Leasehold then add the disbursements from Table C to obtain total costs.

Table A

Conveyancing Costs (calculated on sale price of property) Costs VAT
Up to £250,000.00 £970.00 £194.00
£250,000.01 to £400,000.00 £1045.00 £209.00
£400,000.01 to £600,000.00 £1100.00 £220.00
£600,000.01 to £800,000.00 £1170.00 £234.00
£800,000.01 to £1,000,000.00 £1245.00 £249.00
Over £1million Contact us Contact us


Table B

Leasehold Property Costs VAT
Leasehold Transaction Supplement £300.00 £30.00
Official Copy of Register Entries (Leasehold) £6.00 £1.20




Table C

Additional Costs Costs VAT
Official Copy of Register Entries (Freehold) £6.00 £1.20
AML search and admin charge (per person) £20.00 £4.00
Legal Charge bank CHAPs transfer to redeem mortgage  (if applicable) £40.00 £8.00
TOTALS        £52.00 £9.20



Additional costs

The above is an example of our standard costs, there may be additional costs payable if any of the following apply (all these charges will be subject to the addition of VAT):

Completion fee if matter is completed within 10 working days of exchange: £50.00
Redeeming a Second Charge: £150.00
Transfer of Freehold Share during a Leasehold Transaction: £100.00
Dealing with Unregistered Land: £250.00
All transfers of money except CHAPs £15.00
Transfer of Part (depending upon whether simple or complex): £500.00 (simple)

from £750.00 (complex)

Grant of a new Lease: from £850.00
Staircasing of a shared ownership lease: from £500.00
Drafting Lease Extension: from £950.00
Reviewing Lease Extension: from £450.00
Deed of Variation: from £450.00
Drafting an Assent: from £500.00

If you are unsure as to whether any of the above apply to your situation please feel free to give us a call to discuss and we can advise you further.


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as Land Registry or search fees. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process. If you are selling a Leasehold property there are certain disbursements which will be set out in the individual lease relating to the Property. The disbursements which we anticipate will apply are set out separately below. This list is not exhaustive and other disbursements may apply depending on the term of the lease. We will update you on the specific fees upon receipt and review of the lease.

Lease Fees

Potential Additional Lease fees on a sale (payable to third parties):

  • Leasehold pack fee- this is payable to the Freeholder/Management Company or Managing Agents. On the sale of a leasehold property we have to request a comprehensive pack which includes replies to form LPE1, copies of accounts for three years, copies of the ground rent and service charge statements, estimated service charges for the following year, confirmation of requirements on completion, details of any proposed works and fire risk assessment and asbestos surveys as applicable. The cost of the packs vary however the costs are likely to be in the region of £100 and £295 plus VAT. We can advise you of the specific costs once we have contacted them and they have confirmed the amounts required.
  • Transfer fees- there are sometimes transfer fees on the sale of a Leasehold property which can be a percentage of the sale value. The amount payable will be set out in the Lease and we will be able to advise you of this amount once we have reviewed the Lease.
  • Deferred Service Charge/Contingency fee- Sometimes the Lease will contain a provision to make an additional charge upon the completion of each sale, The Lease will contain details of the exact calculation which usually takes into account the sale price and/or the length of time you have owned the property for.

Please note that the above fees assume that:

  1. this is a standard transaction and that no unforeseen matters arise including for example (but not limited to) a defect in title which requires remedying prior to completion or the preparation of additional documents ancillary to the main transaction
  2. this is the assignment of an existing lease and is not the grant of a new lease
  3. the transaction is concluded in a timely manner and no unforeseen complications arise
  4. all parties to the transaction are co-operative and there is no unreasonable delay from third parties providing documentation
  5. no indemnity policies are required. Additional disbursements may apply if indemnity policies are required.

Referral fees

We may pay a referral fee to the agent if they introduced you to us. This does not increase the charge we make to you and our charge to you is the same regardless of whether or not a referral fee is paid. This payment does not in any way affect our independence and integrity and our duty to act in your best interests. This business is not in any way associated with or in partnership with your estate agent or mortgage broker. The amount of the referral fee payable varies depending on the recipient, this is usually between £100 and £200.

How long will my sale take?

How long it will take from you accepting the offer on your sale and Now Legal being instructed and you being able to move will depend on a number of factors. The average process takes between 6-8 weeks.

The process can be completed sooner or it may take longer depending on the parties in the chain. For example, if you are just selling your property and not buying another and you are selling to a first time buyer with a mortgage in principle, it could take a matter of weeks, however, if your buyer is selling and there is a chain below them there this can take significantly longer. If you are also purchasing a property then there may be a further chain above you and the transaction will have to wait for ALL parties in the chain to be in a position to proceed to exchange and complete.

Stages of the Process

The precise stages involved in the sale of a residential property vary according to the circumstances. However, set out below are the key stages of a transaction:

  • Take your instructions and give you initial advice.
  • Ask you to complete protocol forms: Property Information Form, Fittings and Contents Form and Leasehold Information Form (if applicable)
  • Obtain copies of the title to the property and plan from the land registry as well as any other documents referred to in the title
  • If Leasehold, obtain a copy of the Lease as well as a copy of the freehold title and plan
  • Contact the solicitors acting for the Buyers and confirm instructions and forward them the draft contract pack.
  • Request redemption statements in relation to all mortgages and other charges secured against the property
  • Provide you with a draft sale completion statement including the amount to repay your current mortgage. Take instructions as to whether there are any early repayment fees to take into account
  • If the Property is Leasehold, request a leasehold pack from the Landlord/Managing Agent. This is likely to attract a charge which can be between £100 and £295 plus VAT. Once we have this information we will let you know how much it will be. The costs will have to be paid in order for the matter to proceed.
  • Forward any enquiries raised by the buyers solicitors onto you for you to respond to
  • Forward you the contract and transfer for signing
  • Agree completion date (the date when you will hand the keys over to the estate agents). This date is usually agreed via the estate agents to ensure that all parties in the chain (whom we cannot have contact with) agree.
  • Obtain your authority to exchange contracts. This has to be done on a daily basis so if we take your authority and cannot exchange on that day we will need to contact you the following day for authority to proceed again.
  • Exchange contracts and notify you that this has happened.
  • Request final redemption figure from mortgage lender together with commission account from the estate agents
  • Provide you with a final statement of account showing the balance due back to you on completion. This will include apportionments of any paid/unpaid ground rent/service charges if the property is leasehold
  • Complete sale
  • Deal with repayment of any mortgages/charges secured against the property, account to you with any balance due back.

The Conveyancing Team

Our team has many decades of collective experience in delivering high quality work in all matters relating to Residential Conveyancing.

Contact details of the individuals dealing with your case can be found on our “Meet the Team” page. Supervision of the individuals undertaking the work will be carried out by the Partners.

Please see details of the property team including supervisors below:

Mark Soulsby:

Mark is the Managing Partner of Now Legal. Mark became a Partner (SRA approved Manager) at Now Legal in 2018.

Mark has a vast experience in all areas of Residential Conveyancing, specialising in this field since he joined the firm in 2010. 

Jade Walford:

Jade joined Now Legal in 2009 as a placement student. Jade completed her training contract here and qualified as a Solicitor in 2014, becoming a Partner in 2017. Jade deals with all aspects of Residential Conveyancing and supervises a team.

Yvonne Stephenson:

Yvonne qualified as a solicitor in South Africa in 1992 then moved to England and re-qualified here in June 2010. Yvonne joined Now Legal in 2014 and specialises in Residential and Commercial Property together with some Corporate Law. Yvonne was made a Partner of Now Legal in 2017.

Claire Jewell:

Claire qualified as a solicitor in 2006 and joined Now Legal in 2009 becoming a Partner in October 2009. Claire has 17 years experience in Residential Conveyancing and provides in house cover when other fee earners are off.

Sallie-Ann Lelouet:

Sallie-Ann joined Now Legal in 2014. Sallie-Ann has 30 years experience in Residential Conveyancing. Sallie-Ann deals with many elderly clients who require home visits and prides herself on making the conveyancing process less stressful for such clients putting their minds at rest in what can be stressful times.

Paul Gledstone:

Paul joined Now Legal in 2014 and has 30 years experience in Residential Conveyancing. Paul enjoys getting out and about and regularly goes over to the Isle of Wight to meet with clients.

Terrie McCutcheon:

Terrie joined Now Legal in 2017. Terrie is an experienced Residential Conveyancer providing a professional service with a personal touch. Terrie deals with all aspects of Residential Conveyancing

Sonia Yick:

Sonia joined the Residential Conveyancing department at Now Legal in 2016. Sonia completed her Training Contract with us qualifying as a Solicitor in January 2021. Sonia also works on Commercial Conveyancing and Employment matters.