Conveyancing Testimonials


Now Legal pride themselves on providing a fast, efficient and personal service, but don’t just take our word for it, here are just a few of the many grateful comments we have received from our clients:


"Many thanks for all your hard work-it has been much appreciated"
Mr and Mrs R, Wickham

"Many thanks for all your help with both our sale and purchase! Best Wishes"
Mr and Mrs S, Southampton

"Thank you for all your timely hard work in the mega saga of our move we appreciate everything you did."
Mr and Mrs B, Chandlers Ford

"Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into our house move it really is much appreciated"
Mr and Mrs B

"Thank you so, so much for all your help and honesty!! We will be truly happy in our new home thanks to Now Legal. We will certainly come back to you if we were to sell/move again."
Miss D & Mr W

"Thank you for all your hard work during our move, best wishes."
Ms E-G & Mr M, Southampton

"Thank you for all your efforts during our move it's a refreshing change to find someone who puts so much care and thoughtfulness into their clients' needs. You're a Star. It's been a pleasure to deal with you."
I & S, Southampton

"Just wanted to "properly" say thank you for working with us over our house sale we are grateful for all that you did."-
Mr and Mrs F

"Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf".
Mr and Mrs F - Corsham

"Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent service and attention during our recent property sale"-
Mr and Mrs C, Whiteley

"We would to take the opportunity to say thank you for all your hard work on our case the communication during the sale was excellent and you and your team helped make the process less stressful - so thank you!"
Mr and Mrs L, Horsham

"Thank you so much for your assistance in selling our property. It has not been an easy affair for us but you were patient and helped us make it go through smoothly!"
Mr and Mrs B, Horsham

"Thank you for all your help and assistance in making my move run smoothly and answering all my questions!"
Ms Z, Southampton

"I just wanted to say how brilliantly and smoothly you have dealt with this transaction. You have been thorough, efficient and extremely personable throughout and it is not often that you receive such high levels of service nowadays"
Mrs H - Horsham

"Many thanks for your speedy handling of this"
Dr W, Southampton

"Cheers, you have been a great help and I will be recommending you for sure!"
Ms H, Southampton

"I wanted to say a big thank you for everything that you have done for us. The service that you provided was just excellent from start to finish and I will most definitely recommend you to my friends"
Mr and Mrs C, Leeds

"I am writing to tell you how impressed we have been with you, you have been very efficient communicating excellently with us and achieving a very quick outcome. You are a star!"
Mr and Mrs C, Liss

"Thank you very much for making a very stressful time less stressful for me. I'm grateful for the hard work and sorting out the exchange and completion of my house over the busy Christmas and new year period."
Miss C, Southampton

"At all times we found you efficient and helpful and always willing to explain anything that we needed clarifying. We were very impressed by how quickly you completed things and kept us "in the loop" on what the next steps were. We were delighted that everytime we contacted Now Legal we got through to you immediately or  returned our calls promptly. You have provided a first class service and we would not hesitate to recommend Now Legal"
Mr & Mrs H, Leeds

"We would like to thank you for the effort you put in to ensure we completed on the purchase of our property. We always found you to be responsive and helpful with any queries we had during the process, we also appreciated how you kept us informed about progress at all times. We hope to use your services again in the future"-
Mr & Mrs A, Leeds



Employment department testimonals


Now Legal pride themselves on providing a fast, efficient and personal service, but don’t just take our word for it, here are just a few of the many grateful comments we have received from our clients:


I recently resigned from my job voluntarily because after more than 20 years with the same employer, I indivertibly discovered that I was to be replaced by a colleague who had less experience than I in that particular role but who had been with the company marginally longer than myself.


Incidentally, this individual was a union member whereas I was not. However, at the time, although I was effectively being demoted and despite the fact that I had an exemplary employment record, I felt that I had been put into an untenable situation which I was not prepared to tolerate. I had no intention of taking any further action at the time and in fact would not have known how to do so. I tendered my letter of resignation with immediate effect outlining the thoughts which I had about the circumstances then prevailing.


Some little time later, I attended the Job Centre to "sign on" as an unemployed person, a completely foreign experience for me and was interviewed by a person at that office. She took my details but expressed her surprise that I had left my job after nearly 21 years of service for the same company. She asked me to explain why I had left voluntarily after such a long time with them.


I outlined the reasons for terminating my employment and she advised that I might have a case for constructive dismissal, a term which I never before encountered. She gave me the telephone number for ACAS and I duly contacted them. I re-iterated my story and was told that I might have a case of constructive dismissal but it was difficult thing to prove. They suggested that I need legal representation and/ or advice on my dilemma and referred me to the Citizens Advice Bureau. They were extremely helpful and presented me with a list of several solicitors who specified in employment litigation, one of which was Now Legal.


I have to say that I was put off by some of the other names on that list like for instance "Snoring, Boring and Dolittle" which conjured up visions of sealing wax, powdered wigs and times long past to me!


I chose to contact Now Legal because it seemed to me the name of the practice suggested exactly what they did and that they were perhaps act immediately on my behalf.

It has turned out to be an inspired choice and I am delighted with the way in which my story was listened to in an analytical and sympathetic manner during the free half an hour consultation which was my initial meeting with them.


Initially, I was uncertain and nervous about the reception I might get and what might have turned out to be a stuffy and bureaucratic, dark and dingy office. Might I be belittled or intimidated?


I need not have worried, the office receptionist greeted me in a courteous and friendly manner and put me at ease, inviting me to sit whilst she let me know that she would tell the solicitor that I had arrived for my appointment. The atmosphere was light and airy and I began to feel a little less intimidated.


The solicitor came to reception and escorted me to his office after introducing himself to me.

I had taken the trouble to take a written account along with me about the circumstances for which I then found myself with the solicitor perused instantly. He then said that on first reading of it, he felt that I had a case for a claim through the Employment Tribunal for which he was prepared to represent me. He then asked me a few personal questions including that of my financial circumstances and advised me of how I might address the payment of legal fees.

Now I am a man of modest means and I had been worrying about how I might pay for any legal representation that might have been offered. My concerns had been largely unfounded as I was offered several ways of how I might cover this cost.


One was to pay in full, from my own resources which to me was probably prohibited, another was to pay a certain amount upfront up to an agreed level so that my case could be legally prepared and then I could either up the agreed level and continued to be represented by Now Legal or revert to the former agreement and continue my case by repeating myself at the Employment Tribunal.


The third was a no win no fee option with a modest down payment to initiate proceedings but with a proviso that if I lost my case, the solicitor would bear the costs incurred but if I won they would take 30% of the proceeds. This was the option that I had chosen as I considered there was a possibility that I might lose.


I was given ample time to consider these proposals so that I did not need to make an on the spot decision without a period of time to contemplate it at my leisure. Everything was explained clearly to me in layman's terms and I was treated with courtesy and respect at all times in an open and friendly way.


I left that meeting in a buoyant frame of mind feeling that a great burden had been lifted from my shoulders and that Now Legal believed in me and the provenance of my case. I was now sure that my claim for constructive dismissal was in safe hands and would be dealt with in a timely and professional manner. I felt part of a team that had my best interests at heart.

They took all the worry from me, kept me regularly informed by letter, phone, email and by personal consultations about how things were progressing.


When the date of the Tribunal had been decided, I was invited in for a personal chat about how to prepare for my forthcoming ordeal. It was suggested to me that I might like to visit an employment tribunal so that I could get a feel for its way of working. I found this both interesting and reassuring. I was not going in blind now.


Obviously, I was extremely apprehensive on the day but was pleased to be met by my solicitor at the tribunal office who made an admirable job of reassuring me.


I gave my evidence, although I was still nervous, I never felt intimidated by the Judge or the Employment Panel Members who listened carefully to me.


I was cross examined by my ex-employers legal representative, an experience which is not as bad as I anticipated. As instructed, I expressed myself in an open and honest way.


I was extremely impressed by the verbal dexterity and the commitment and oratory skills of my Counsel on that day and feel that he made all the difference. I can only thank Now Legal on their choice of so talented and astute individual who puts his arguments for my case so brilliantly.


The outcome for me could not have been better. I won my claim on all points contested, by a unanimous decision of the Tribunal and felt vindicated. We had, as a team, scored a great legal and moral victory, I was elated and truly delighted that my claim for unfair dismissal had been upheld thanks mainly to the outstanding support I had received from Now Legal.


I feel sure that they are different from other solicitors in that they are approachable, professional in all their dealings and never made me feel that I was just another client for whom they had to go through the legal formality. Now Legal seem more like friends to me and went out their way to make me feel supported at all time especially during periods of doubt of which there was more than one. An outsider, I was not.


I would wholeheartedly recommend Now Legal to anyone who finds his or herself embroiled in a difficult situation with their employer be it about unfairness, discrimination, equal pay, unfair dismissal etc. I am certain that they would get the same magnificent representation that I have been privileged to receive.


I am so glad that I overcome my initial misgivings about approaching Now Legal which turned out to be without foundation.


I have no regrets that I took the action that I did and the outcome has proven me to be right…. I won! With their instantly assistance and now I am looking forward, hopefully to some fiscal recompense. I want to thank the whole team at Now Legal for the final and much appreciated outcome of my claim.


Mr J. White.

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