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Here is an overview of the areas in which our solicitors specialise.

Our specialisations



Residential Property


Now Legal have a team of highly experienced residential conveyancers who aim to provide a thoroughly professional, friendly and personal service. We have experience of dealing with all types of property across England and Wales.

Our aim is to use every effort to make the process of buying and selling your property as stress-free as possible.

This is not an exhaustive list; but as well as buying and selling a property, we can help you with:-

  • Buying your Freehold
  • Extending your Lease
  • Remortgaging
  • Buying or selling a property at auction
  • Deadlines and Contract Races
  • Land Registration and HM Land Registry Issues
  • First registration
  • Lost Deeds
  • Option Agreements

For more information on any of our residential property services please contact us on 0845 678 0150 or 01489 865170.


Commercial Property


Now Legal appreciates the needs of their commercial clients. We have an acute awareness of the commercial implications of the situation plus the ability to anticipate the needs of all parties involved.  


By working very closely with clients, our commercial property team can manage and drive successful transactions on all types of property, including offices and retail.


Areas of expertise include:


Acquisition & disposal of freehold land & buildings for operational & investment purposes

Property development, options & site acquisition; planning, Grant & assignment of occupational & building leases, sales & leasebacks


We offer extremely competitive rates and excellent customer driven service.

Please feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss any of your requirements

Making a Will...


Rich or poor - a professionally written Will is an essential

part of sensible planning but, most of us do not get around

to writing one. Whether you are married, in a civil

partnership, single, divorced, with or without children, living together or widowed,

you should make a Will.


Two thirds of people have not made a Will.


None of us want to contemplate dying and thinking about a Will seems almost as

bad, so many of us just do not get around to making our Wills. We tell ourselves

"I haven't got much to leave, and it's obvious who'll get it, so I won't go to the

trouble and expense." 


If only it were that simple.


This is often a false economy for those you leave behind.


Most people automatically assume that all their possessions will automatically

pass to their spouse, civil partner or other members of the family. Unfortunately,

many families often face immediate financial hardship and sometimes even

have to sell the family home - simply because no Will has been made. 


By making a Will your home may be protected from sale to pay for care costs

for your surviving partner. As we live longer so we need to protect our wealth

to pass this on to our intended beneficiaries, both to help support our

surviving partners and also to our ultimate beneficiaries on their death.


If we have children, we are confident that we'll always be there to provide for

them while their young and leave them a nice nest egg when we've gone. In

reality dying without a Will often adds to the burden of grief for those you leave



Many of us now belong to extended families and step-children and siblings of the

half-blood may receive no benefit from your estate.


What happens if you do not make a Will?


You have no appointed executor. Your funeral wishes may not be known. No

guardians may have been appointed for any minor children you may leave

behind. Your estate may pay inheritance tax because no review has been carried

out to mitigate tax liabilities. Your assets may not be arranged so as to reduce

the impact or eliminate inheritance tax altogether.


Your home may not be protected from having to be sold to meet care costs for

your partner. Insufficient provision may be made to support children who may

need support through their lives through ill-health or disability. With a

professionally prepared Will provision can be made tax efficiently as well as

to ensure the funds are applied for their benefit and not used by the State as

a contribution to their care costs.


Many home-made Wills do not make their way to Probate, failing to meet the

strict requirements for validity, and costs estates large sums in interpretation.

Often have unsatisfactory outcomes on top of delays. Home-made Wills

rarely include administrative provisions to help the executor administer the estate.

Many fail to distribute the whole of the estate for various reasons.


If you die without leaving a Will, the law will decide how your estate is distributed

and to whom. This may mean that your valuables and wealth will not be left to

those people you would have preferred or, perhaps, that your surviving spouse

or partner is left with a home, but no monies to maintain this or to live off.


Only by making a Will can you guarantee that your money and

possessions will be distributed in accordance with your wishes, rather

than according to the rules that govern everyone who dies "intestate"

(i.e without making a Will). 


With a Now Legal professionally prepared Will, you gain all the opportunities of

passing on, as you choose, your estate specific to individual family members,

friends and your favourite charities.  


Those with young children can appoint guardians by Will to look

after their children in their place and have the choice of friends or relatives to

carry out all the instructions as you would wish.  


For those with assets of a higher value, a Will is essential for Inheritance

Tax planning and an opportunity to mitigate or avoid paying Inheritance Tax as

well as asset protection for a surviving partner.   


If you marry or enter into a civil partnership, any Will you have made is

automatically revoked and therefore invalid, unless it is clear within the Will

these provisions of the Wills Act 1837 are not to apply to your Will. If you

separate your partner may still remain entitled to some of your estate.  


With the rise in property values we have all enjoyed in recent times,

many of us may have estates worth far more than we would have

imagined.  Make your own decision with your assets. There is no

better time to take one of life's most important steps in sensible,

long term planning.  


Please feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss any of

your requirements.


Employment Law Service


Our Team


Employment Law is a very complex area. Our strength lies in the level of specialist expertise available. The Partner overseeing the work of the department is Ian Soulsby who has also for many years sat part time as an Employment Judge. 


Support for Employers


We offer a very user friendly and hands on approach and tailor the service to the requirements of the employer. Areas where we can assist include:-

  • Drafting contracts of Employment and Staff Handbooks.
  • Varying terms and conditions of employment.
  • Drafting disciplinary and grievance procedures.
  • Advice when handling disciplinary and grievance procedures.
  • Defending Employment Tribunal claims including contract disputes, unfair dismissal claims and discrimination claims.
  • Handling redundancy processes.
  • TUPE.

Services can be provided on a fixed fee or hourly paying basis. Just phone our team to discuss.


Support for Employees


In the current economic climate no one is guaranteed job security. Problems at work or losing your job can be incredibly stressful for you and your family. We are here to help when needed, for example:-

  • Advising about disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Advising regarding contractual rights
  • Unfair dismissal claims including constructive dismissal
  • Help with threatened redundancies or TUPE Transfers
  • Rights such as maternity leave and flexible working
  • Sex discrimination including harassment and victimisation
  • Race discrimination
  • Disability discrimination and being fit to return to work
  • Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or religion or beliefAge discrimination, issues on recruitment, at work or on retirement
  • Health and Safety issues and suffering a detriment for making a “protected disclosure”

The secret to our success is that we identify at the outset our clients objectives. This may be resolving a dispute by way of a Compromise Agreement, pursuing an Employment Tribunal claim to seek your job back or to recover compensation. Our level of expertise is such that we are normally able to identify at a very early stage whether or not your claim is one that should be pursued.


We offer a free 30 minute interview or telephone conversation to ascertain your details, advise you on how we can help, discuss your options in terms of the next steps and funding issues. Depending on the circumstances we undertake cases where you pay on an hourly basis or pay a fixed fee. We also consider taking cases on a contingency fee basis where you pay us nothing if you lose but if you win we charge a percentage of your compensation.


We believe our services are honest, professional, good value for money and reflect our high level of expertise.

Any questions about our services?

Contact us on 01489 865170 or directly via our contact form.

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